Legacy Jackets

Made to Order - We have called these "Legacy Jackets" as we have been asked by our customers to take a loved ones jacket and repurpose it into a purse, wallet etc.   They do not have to be a loved ones coat, we can do any coat that you no longer use.  

We require a consultation meeting to discuss what your ideas are for the project and if we think that the jacket will work for this project.  

NOTE:  Custom Design Fee - if you are asking for a purse or project that we have never done before we will ask for a $50 fee for the cost of creating a pattern & trying out pattern on a test run first.  This takes time and a cost to us for the trial run with leather before cutting into your jacket.  

The jackets can be further customized with a name lasered into the leather if you wish, but this is sourced by an outside laser company and will require an extra charge. 

Legacy Jackets