Leather Belts with Double Edge Stitching

Any of our choices of leather belts can be stitched on the edge of the belt with WHITE, BLACK OR DARK BROWN durable thread.   DOUBLE stitching is available. 


We recommend you measure a belt you wear from the fold of leather around the buckle to the hole you use the most, see attached photo.  
(DO NOT measure the entire length of your belt including the buckle.) 


We punch 6 holes so your middle 2 holes are before & after dinner 😊 Request 5 if you prefer that. 

If you do not have access to an older belt or is for a gift, message me and I will help you out with sizing. 


We use  distressed water buffalo leather, which we find is lighter weight yet very durable.  Solid leather, not bonded.   Please contact us for larger or smaller sizes than what is listed, we custom cut each belt.  


Our buckles are attached with screw posts so that you can change the buckle.  Please select the buckle width to match your belt width.  More detailed buckle photos are under the buckle option.  


The roller buckles are stainless steel and brass with a stainless steel tongue are the only buckles we sell that are nickel free!! 
The screw posts to secure the buckle also may contain nickel.  


Processing time for these belts is up to 3 days, we will ship out on the 3rd business day. All *FREE SHIPPING* is sent regular post, please purchase faster postage at the time of checkout.

Leather Belts with Double Edge Stitching