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Grey Leather Belt

If you require a size that isn't listed, reach out to us as we custom cut each belt.


1) We recommend you measure a belt you wear from the fold around the buckle to the hole you use the most, please see attached photo.  
( DO NOT measure the entire length of your belt including the buckle.) 

2) Go up 2 sizes from jean waist measurement to belt size ie. size 36 pant waist is a 38 belt.  (Please note: We have had good luck with this, but it doesn't always work due to different pant brands having different waist sizing, but we always do exchanges if size is wrong)

3) Measure your waist with your pants on through your belt loops, then subtract 1" for the buckle length.  A measured waist 36 would be a 35 belt, this is because I measure my belts from the fold of the leather at the buckle to the middle hole.  


PLEASE contact us with any questions!  We are here to help!   


We punch 6 holes so your middle 2 holes are before & after dinner 😊 Request 5 if you prefer that.


"DISTRESSED" water buffalo leather, which we find is lighter weight yet very durable with natural imperfections called aniline leathers which have minimal surface treatment and as such 'imperfections' like scars, insect bites and scratches from the animal's life are occasionally visible. These make your belt  unique and serve to remind us of the very real and natural origin of the material. In working with a natural product, there are times when the hides turns slightly darker or lighter than photos & sometimes the color change is more or less noticeable.   


*This Grey/Blue tone leather shows the distressed look when the buckle slides along the belt holes & lighter shades of grey show up as the leather flexes, making it look vintage & rustic.*


Our buckles are attached with screw posts so that you can change the buckle. 


The roller buckles, stainless steel and brass with a stainless steel tongue, are the only buckles we have without nickel!!  
The screw posts to secure the buckle also may contain nickel.  


All *FREE SHIPPING* is sent regular post, please purchase faster postage at the time of checkout.

Grey Leather Belt

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