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Double SS Leather is a collaborated family venture that started out in 2015 when we discovered that my daughter couldn't find a backpack that could hold her 17" laptop for college.  After talking to my parents, who have over 40 years of experience building saddles & harness in their store The Stockman's Stall - we were able to create and design a backpack that would hold up to the rigors of college books and laptops.  Not only was this backpack strong and durable, but it was also fashionable.  


We worked on further developing the backpacks for almost a year until we were happy with the design, and then we decided to branch out into messenger bags, purses, and tote bags. Our aim is to make merchandise that will last a lifetime..... just like the good old days!


Sharon Stout
Owner, Designer, Maker

Sharon grew up watching her dad (Stan) build saddles & harness for his business. When she got laid off work due to cutbacks, she decided this might be a good opportunity to try leather work. With her parents' guidance, she is learning how to bring her passion to life!!


Stan Wheller (Dad)

Maker, Designer


Stan owned his own leather business, The Stockman's Stall, for over 40 years, He is still going strong, making saddles and now helping Sharon design and create more leather projects!!

Mabel Wheller (Mom)

Maker, Designer


Mabel is the Co-Owner of The Stockman's Stall, and she worked alongside Stan making saddles and harness for over 40 years. Mabel is actively involved in helping to make products and offers new design ideas. Mabel helps keep Sharon and Stan grounded, keeping their crazy ideas in the realm of reality when developing new products.

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